Apponaug Circulator

Warwick, Rhode Island

VWA is providing comprehensive streetscape and landscape design services for the Apponaug Circulator, a large-scale roadway and streetscape reconstruction project located in the Apponaug Village of Warwick, RI. The project scope includes a significant reduction of vehicular traffic on the portion of Post Road that passes through the civic core of Warwick by by-passing it onto an extended Veteran's Memorial Drive towards Route 2, extending the existing Veteran's Memorial Drive through the site of a former Mill complex, relocating a portion of the Apponaug River, and introducing a series of roundabouts throughout the village in place of existing signalized intersections.

VWA has worked closely with the State, the City and the Apponaug community to develop a vision for the Village that fosters a strong sense of community identity while also implementing important traffic and pedestrian safety measures. The reduction of traffic volume through the heart of the Village is seen by the City as a key to the revitalization and redevelopment of the Village. Through our numerous meetings and design charettes with members of the City Planning office, the City Landscape office, and the Apponaug Area Improvement Association, VWA has created a series of measures which will fundamentally alter the existing Apponaug streetscape and transform it into a series of discrete landscapes that contain both unifying design elements as well as unique community identity markers. The community felt strongly that each of the five new roundabouts that are being created as part of the roadway improvements should carry a theme that reflects different points in history of the Village. Based on the communities’ input, a series of landscape treatments are being developed for the roundabouts that reference the Villages’ maritime history, industrial history, and historic architecture along the civic core of Post Road.

Along the newly redesigned streetscapes, VWA worked with the Association to develop a core design vocabulary which includes street trees, wider sidewalks, bike lanes, specialty pavements, specialty period lighting, a “kit of parts” streetscape furnishings package, and raised planters for areas where street trees cannot be planted. As an overall approach, VWA is employing a series of context sensitive solutions in response to the diverse urban roadway edge conditions, and our proposal to create an "urban forest" within the heart of the City has been met with enthusiasm by the Village community.